Why do you need a wallet?

DMTС desktop wallet will be useful to all participants of the Dominant Chain platform for safe storage of cryptocurrency and conducting further transactions with a high level of anonymity and reliability. It’s an easy to use and modern client, recommended for most Dominant users. With DMTС wallet coin owners can activate different types masternodes and take part in the blocks creation.

Dominant Chain Desktop wallets


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You need to have DMTC wallet to store, send, receive or use your DMTCs like masternode.

You need to have at least 1 GB of RAM and 5 GB of free space on your computer. Later, you will need about 20 GB of free HDD storage.

It means that in the background, a node is being reindexed to accurately restore a balance and transaction history.

It depends on your network connections and PC. If your computer has an SSD, the wallet may load faster.

It is normal because the system is building a whole new wallet file to store all data.

Your node may take a little more time than others to synchronize because of system specifications and the quality of your internet connection.

It depends on OS:

  • Windows: C:\Users<your-username>\AppData\Roaming\DMTC
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application\ Support/DMTC
  • Linux: ~/.dmtc

First of all, you should exit and restart the application. If you see error message again, you need to reinstall your Desktop wallet. Follow next steps:

  • go to the wallet folder
  • find “wallet.dat” file and save it*
  • reinstall DMTC wallet
  • paste the saved “wallet.dat” file to the wallet folder back.

* If you don’t save “wallet.dat” file you’ll lose all you coins.

Go to your wallet folder (see above). If there are wallet.dat and wallet.dat.rewrite you need to remove wallet.dat and than rename wallet.dat.rewrite to wallet.dat.

You need to follow next instruction:

  • stop the wallet
  • move all such files as wallet.<numbers>.bak and wallet.dat to your desktop or any flash drive
  • enter the backups directory
  • pull out one of the wallet.dat backup files into the main DMTC directory
  • rename this file to wallet.dat and don’t forget to restart the wallet.