Why are the awards for staking = 0?

Dear community,

Today, we want to tell you about one of the specific of the Dominant Chain desktop wallet, namely about staking. We recently encountered a question from our users, “Why are the award for staking come, but is equal to 0?” and in this article we will help to figure it out.

The peculiarity of the blockchain work of the Dominant Chain is that until the end of the ICO, the award for the block is 0.00001 DMTC. This is done to prevent the appearance of “whales” (individuals who have accumulated excessive amounts of coins and are able to affect it value) at the startup stage and to avoid manipulations with the coins rate (read more in the publication “What the uniqueness of PoS-system in the Dominant Chain?”). After the ending of the ICO period, the amount of all awards will change and match the data given in the table.

Dominant Chain masternode awards

Currently, the part of the rewards for staking is 6%, which relatively brings 0.0000006 DMTC. The specificity of the Dominant Chain cold wallet work allows the Recent Transactions tab to display only integers, so that the displayed number on the screen is 0, but the specified part of award is still added to the user’s account. However, keep in mind that while the staking is active, the generated coins are also involved in the process, and therefore their current amount may not be displayed in the overall balance. Once you completely close your wallet or disconnect the stacking, the amount of rewards will become available for use.

The Dominant Chain project is working day-to-day on improving our products and technology using, and in the upcoming updates we will make our wallet even more convenient and better. In the meantime, you can always send comments and wishes to our support team, which will fix all your requests and convey it to the responsible person.

Best regards, Dominant Chain team.

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