We are pleased to announce the Dominant Chain project!

Dominant Chain is an innovative eSports platform based on the blockchain.

Today we can see that eSports goes beyond teens entertainment and becomes the mainstream.

Cybersport has become a major source of income for anyone who is connected with the industry. Despite the rapid growth of eSports, it is not easy for amateur players to find a place to organize tournaments. There aren’t so many resources that would provide such an opportunity. Our team take into account this issue and decide to improve eSports world by creating the Dominant Chain project.

Dominant Chain is a unique eSport platform based on blockchain technology with its own cryptocurrency. Our platform will help amateur players to monetize their time and reach the level of a cyber-athlete.


Blockchain – the technology of the future in eSports!

We chose blockchain technology as the basis of our project because it allows us to achieve the main goals:

  • safely record and keep the data within our system;
  • keep a register of the games results, stakes of participants, the number of earned coins, and transferred funds;
  • save data in blocks without the possibility of changing them and add new if necessary.


We created our own Dominant Coin cryptocurrency

The responsibility of providing transaction consistency is the main goal of creating Dominant Coin (DMTC), that will be used by players to participate in tournaments and by investors for exchange trading.

Decentralized storage system, as the main feature of cryptocurrency give confidence in a high level of security.


Are you ready to win with Dominant Chain?

Our platform will encourage a fans army of leading eSports games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends. These games will be presented at the start of the project.

On Dominant Chain platform you can:

  • create your own tournament by sharing your data from the Steam, Riot Games;
  • participate in competitions created by other players;
  • join tournaments automatically created by the platform;
  • create your own game broadcasts by integrating the application with the twitch.tv streaming service;


By joining the Dominant Chain, you will find yourself in a single unique space with many functions!

You can watch all game events, news, tournaments on one platform, and use many other functions.

High transaction speed allows you to withdraw won coins immediately after the end of the event.

The increasing of the participants’ number will cause the popularity of the coin among gaming audiences and cryptocurrency investors and make it an attractive advertising platform, which will positively affect the growth in turnover and the Dominant Coin course.

Join us!

As the team of professionals in the field of computer games, we invite all fans of amateur online tournaments to join Dominant Chain, where you can improve your skills by earning cryptocurrency!

Dominant Chain is a great opportunity to make money from your hobby!


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