How to setup Masternode Dominant Chain

Masternode guide

In this guide, you will learn how to set up masternode.
For illustration purposes, we will install the bronze masternode using Digital Ocean services.

Also if you have troubles during installation, you always can write to our support managers in any of those community:

So, before you start, you must have the next things:

  1. Enough Dominant coins to set up different types of masternode. You can buy DMTC here.
  2. Downloaded and installed DMTC wallet.
  3. A ready server for your masternode. If you don’t know how to use a server, read our next part of the guide about how to install masternode on Digital Ocean.

If you bought coins, installed wallet and prepared your VPS, open the wallet and go to “Debug Console” (it is an icon in the upper right corner of your wallet):

You will see such window:

In the line below you should write: 

allocatefunds masternode mnbronze bronze

Allocatefunds – creates a hash that will be used for the masternode deposit.

Basically, here you need to change only 2 variables:

  1. mnbronze –  label which will be used for identification
  2. bronze – your masternode tier.
    Change bronze to one of any 3 types of the tier:

    • bronze 800 DMTC
    • silver 2000 DMTC
    • gold 4000 DMTC

Remember your alias(3-rd word), you will be using it for MN identification.

After you have written the command right in the console window the transaction hash will appear:

Attention! You must save this hash!

Write the next command to create masternode configuration:

fundmasternode "mnbronze" bronze "095ec5d7a944267c560f996a931e0cf19966b8ce879e4f85c26a359179217ab1" ""

fundmasternode is the command that allocates the required amount for deposit.

Here you should change next:

  1. Your alias name(mnbronze in this example) 
  2. The transaction hash – put your hash from the previous step
  3. IP of your server – If you don’t know where to find IP address read the guide “How to create Digital Ocean droplet and run DMTC masternode” after you done, back here.

If you wrote command right you should see the config line in the terminal outputs, and the new transaction will appear in your wallet.

Attention! You must save this line and show nobody!

Now you need to open masternode.conf and to the end of file paste console outputs:

mnbronze YSXKZY7xEdDN2sscn3FCpXYb4C2KeeJQwmSZDCfRfvefMR5r8f2x 095ec5d7a944267c560f996a931e0cf19966b8ce879e4f85c26a359179217ab1 0

Depending on your OS, you can find masternode.conf in such way:

  • Windows: C:\Users<your-username>\AppData\Roaming\DMTC\masternode.conf
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application\ Support\DMTC\masternode.conf
  • Linux: ~/.dmtc/masternode.conf

After you added info about MN configuration close and open your wallet.

Now you need to wait for 15 confirmations, and you will be able to start masternode.

Everything is almost done, in order to complete installation on your server run the next command:
wget && bash ./

During installation script will ask you to enter masternode key. 
Get key from the config line.

In our example, it looks like this:


Your Private key will always be the third position in the command line.

If everything was installed successfully you’ll see next window

To make sure your masternode has been deployed successfully from the command line on the machine where your Masternode is hosted run command

dmtc-cli getmasternodestatus

It will show you information about masternode status whether it is currently active or not.
If everything was good, and 15 confirmation passed, go to your wallet and start masternode:

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