How can Dominant Chain improve the scope of e-sports tournaments?

The Dominant Chain team is creating an innovative blockchain platform for cyber tournament. We have a global goal to help amateur players earn with their favorite hobby. The project is relevant as a way for novice players to join the world of e-sports. The industry is developing rapidly, there are more players, spectators, tournaments, and competitions are becoming even more spectacular!

Dominant Chain – the solution to actual problems of eSports!

Our platform will allow amateur players to earn their first money and develop their skills. Sponsors can find new talents and profit from their success. Advertisers can gain a wide audience to promote their products and services.

The platform will allow everyone who joined the cyber tournaments to get their interest. Dominant Chain will allow young talents and novice teams to declare yourself, to start earning and make confident steps towards their future career.

Blockchain – undeniable advantages for the cyber sports platform!

Blockchain gives security, stability and security, exactly what is needed to solve many problems in the eSports industry.

Dominant Chain provides tournament automation and decentralization of prize funds. Each individual player, organization or brand can organize their own tournament. For participants, new opportunities open up to organize competitions themselves, to collect tournaments, to create a serious prize fund. We have developed our own Dominant –°oin cryptocurrency for these goals. Since the cryptocurrency will be equally necessary for players and brands, the demand for it will constantly increase. Upon completion of the ICO, the cryptocurrency will become available on the exchange trading, which will allow recouping the investment. Blockchain technology provides scaling, thanks to the participation of a large audience of amateurs in eSports tournaments. The technology also opens up more new markets for Dominant Chain.

We invite you to join Dominant Chain and to shape the future of eSports, earning on it and developing your skills together with us!

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