Dominant Chain Web Wallet is ready for your use

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the development and we are ready to introduce you the first version of the Dominant Chain online wallet. This is a reliable and fast way of keeping DMTC coins with a high level of protection and simple functionality. Our developers have done their best so that every internet user can easily create and use a web wallet without worrying about the security of their crypto-savings. Our programmers have taken care of this and all your coins will be stored on the desktop wallets and physical servers of the Dominant Chain.

Now, buy DMTC coins has become even easier – you need just a few clicks to invest in the new blockchain platform for eSports tournaments:

  • go to the buy page and click on the “Get wallet” link below the field for the address insertion
  • in the newly opened tab, select “Registration” and fill in the required fields;
  • upon completion of registration, go to your personal office and select “Get Address”;
  • insert generated wallet address in the appropriate field on the buy page of the DMTC coin and fill in the rest of the fields;
  • send payment to the address that appears on your screen and within a short period of time, the entire amount of coins will be available on your web-wallet.

Who will benefit from the Dominant Chain web wallet?

Simple, secure and super-fast Dominant Chain online wallet is a convenient alternative for our users who do not want or cannot use the cold storage of crypto funds. First of all, it will be useful for:

  • Internet users who earn their coins via airdrops and bounty;
  • small investors and HODLs who buy their coins in order to sell them in the future and are not going to activate the masternode;
  • traders who need a place for short-term storage of coins before putting them on the exchange;

Also, the web wallet is accessible to anyone who prefers to use mobile devices. Our service is optimized for all mobile devices, tablets, and computers, it works fast and does not require much Internet traffic, so you can use it anywhere. The web-wallet will surely enjoy our customer, who for the first time use cryptocurrency. With simple usability, newcomers will quickly be able to create a profile and generate the first address of their wallet, where their game units will be stored. In addition, it is assumed that the online wallet will be fully synchronized with the Dominant Chain platform, and therefore the usage of one’s DMTC will be as convenient as possible.

Do not miss the opportunity – buy Dominant Coins now and join the new era of cybersport tournaments!

Use now: Dominant Chain web wallet

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