Dominant Chain is looking for CS:GO gamers

Good afternoon, dear community!

Today we have a really great news that you will definitely enjoy! We have reached the final stage of developing the beta version of our platform. The Dominant Chain Team has been working hard over the platform for the past few months to provide our players with a simple, but the quality design and usability of the platform as well as with a high level of protection for our users and the continuity of the site in general. The time spent by programmers was not in vain! A few days ago our team successfully played several CS: GO games for the first time, pre-authorizing itself on the platform with the help of personal Steam accounts.

We sincerely proud of our results and believe that this update will be a great fuel for our rocket, which will send us straight to the “To the Moon”. However, of course, any product before its promulgation requires careful analysis and testing, and for the best result, in addition to independent testing, independent opinion of future users is also needed.

Therefore, the ICO-project Dominant Chain announces a set of beta testers for the game platform for cybersports. The first available game on the platform is CS:GO, we will first select the people who are actively playing in this particular FPS Shooter. So, if you have the gaming experience and the desire to get involved in the project, the goal of which is to improve the world of cyberspace in the near future – feel free to contact with us via Telegram Chat and we will definitely consider your candidacy.

Dominant Chain doesn’t stand still and is constantly moving forward, becoming better every hour. We thank all of you for your support and activity, and we encourage you to stay with us and follow our upgrades, as there are so many interesting things ahead.

Best regards, Dominant Chain Team.

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