About Dominant Chain project

Currently, the Dominant Сhain team employs 14 top-level professionals in the sphere of management, marketing, web development, applied programming, as well as professional customer support and public relations.

Dominant Сhain is a project that is developed by TornadoDevelopments. The company officially registered in Estonia.
Our company consists of enthusiasts who are equally good in both cryptography and game development.


Our Team

During the last 4 years, we have been actively working in the crypto industry as a consulting company.
We launched many successful projects in which we created cryptocurrency and worked on different smart contracts.
Also, we have been developing projects both in the marketing sphere and in the technical field.

During this time, we realized that we had gained experience and strength, and decided to launch our own project, which we had long dreamed of over the past two years.
Our whole team is interested in gaming,
We spent dozens of Friday nights playing CS: GO and DOTA2. The winning team always put beer and pizza to everyone else, such are our traditions 🙂

We all work on the vision of the project and all sorts of improvements, search for partners and advisors every day in the same office.

Below you can see our team.

We value the privacy of our colleagues, and because of it we do not post links to their social networks.
All team members will be authenticated on services that guarantee privacy and confirm that all people are real.

Cataline has a large experience as HR and recruiter in big product companies.
In Tornado development she is responsible for such tasks as:

  • Looking for professionals to join the Dominant team;
  • Forming system of work motivation;
  • Responsible for administration in the company;

Cataline “Kate”

HR manager and Head of recruitment

Thorsten has worked as an SMM manager for many years. The last 3 years, he has been a head of marketing in the promotion of social networks, crypto blogs, and crypto projects. He is familiar with many influencers in this industry.
Now he is our leading community manager. His responsibilities are the promotion of social networks, bounty management, and public relations.

Thorsten “Revergeum Till”

SMM head of community management

Magda has worked as a graphic designer in a design studio and marketing department of an IT company for more than 3 years.
In our team, she is a lead designer. Her responsibilities are to create illustrations web design.

Magda “Pixel Ninja”

UI-UX Designer, Illustrator

Dmitry has over 7 years of programming experience in such languages as ​​nodejs, php, java. During this time, he took part in different large projects to develop secure mobile applications based on Blockchain technologies.
Now he is tech and team lead of Dominant chain platform.

Dmitriy “Shkip”

Lead developer

Dmitry has more than 4 years experience in developing applications in C++, python, java.
During this time, he has worked in the field of developing games, network protocols for operating systems, and file systems.
In our company, Dmitry is developing the DMTC blockchain. He sets up the masternodes and replicates the centralized databases in the blockchain.

Dmitriy “DDking”

Lead blockchain developer

Andrew has more than 4 years of programming experience. He was creating modern user interfaces on large platforms that are connected with medicine and organization and management of events.
Now Andrew is working as our front-end developer and is engaged in programming interfaces for the client part.

Andrew “Round”

Front-end developer

Alex has more than 5 years of experience in web development. He has practical knowledge of creating all types of websites.
He is working with web solutions and their supporting in our project. Also, Alex is involved in server administration and maintain platform security.

Alex “Weblex”

Web developer

Serg has more than 4 years of web application development. He has created different large projects such as social networks, various tools to improve productivity and tracking time.
He is a full stack developer in our company. Serg develops the platform and sets up servers for games. Also, he is responsible for maintaining the security of them.

Serg “Birdman”

Full stack developer

Nata has experience in providing marketing consultancy for specific campaigns related to cryptography.

Now she is responsible for all marketing matters in our project.


Marketing manager

Marianna has managed some web projects and created a unique SEO content strategy for each site.

Now she implements online marketing strategies of our project.


SEO specialist

Lilu has a good knowledge base in the technical field. She has worked as a technical translator in a big IT company.

Now she helps us to always be in touch with our users.


Support manager

Dana has experience in working on several successful crypto projects. Her communicable skills help to resolve conflicts quickly and qualitatively.

Now she is responsible for all communication matters.


Support manager

Arsen has many years of experience in online sales.

Now his responsibilities are to always be in touch with our users.


Support manager

Nastya has high knowledge of technical aspects of blockchain area and cryptocurrency as well.

She is a skilled communicator, who always can help you.


Support manager